Rotacaster introduces Lego compatible robotic wheels

Rotacaster introduces Lego compatible robotic wheels

Rotacaster introduces Lego compatible robotics wheel

Rotacaster Wheel Limited has traditionally developed multi-directional wheels for use in the industrial market that are specifically designed for floor use. Now we have used this technology to produce a wheel for the robotics sector that gives improved ride quality, greater smoothness and traction with less vibration.

The Rotacaster 48mm omni-directional wheel is a robust wheel that is easy to incorporate into holonomic drive trains. It requires no assembly and gives your robot unrivalled manoeuvrability and efficiency.

We offer our 48mm omni wheel in a double row configuration with a triple row marked for future release. The wheel comes with a Delrin keyed bushing specifically designed for Lego Mindstorms NXT and Technics cross axles.

Rotacaster omni-directional wheels are made from a tough, glass filled nylon structure and Delrin bushed rollers with no screws or inserts to tighten or maintain. The softness of the polyurethane (S60A Durometer hardness) used in the rollers means that the Rotacaster wheel offers a smooth ride with increased traction for all powered robots.

With a unit weight of only 32 grams (1.15 oz) and a huge load limit of 35 kgs (77lbs) per wheel, the Rotacaster is ideal for any robot that you have in mind.

The Rotacaster omni-directional wheels for LEGO Mindstorms NXT and Technics are available now. To enquire or order Technic and Mindstorm NXT compatible Rotacaster omni directional wheels, please contact us

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