Ergonomic Material Handling Equipment




Rotacasters ergonomic materials handling equipment provides easier, quicker and safer movement of goods - leading to improved productivity, reduced costs and reduced injuries.





  • Fully supports load from packing to transporting - leaving hands free.

  • Lever load rather than lift - no more lifting, reversing or kerb ramps.

  • Direct tracking and  ease of handling on inclines & in confined spaces.

  • 360 degree manoeuvrability including direct sideways (lateral) & diagonal movement.

  • No need to balance, support or pull back heavy loads.

  • Increased load stability and  robust durability.

  • Reduced fatigue and risk of strain injuries.

  • Greater workplace safety, efficiency and productivity.

  • Increased ease of handling and transporting speed.







We transformed and improved a product that has done the same thing in the same manner for centuries.

This is spawning a new range of hand trucks that provide more productive and ergonomic handling solutions for the depalletising and movement of crates, totes, pails and cylinders. These solutions are providing our customers with ROIs from day one, and total cost recovery within months; not years.






The lengths we go to


Easier pull-back effort

and no need to park at waypoints.



Easy navigation

frees up hands to deal with doorways and intercoms.


Lever rather than lift

up curbs or over obstructions without reversing.




Reduced effort

the Rotatruck carries the load, not the operator.


Fully supported rotation

allows easy manoeuvrability in confined spaces.


Balance rather than carry

the load over soft or uneven terrain.



The Rotatruck

4xRC Rotatruck

Self-supporting stairclimber

Aluminium Stairclimber


Steel All-Terrain Rotatruck

Steel 4xRC Rotatruck

RotaDollies, Trollies and Load Skates

Rotatruck Accessories





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