Stair Climbing Wheel Set with R2 Rotacasters

Stair Climbing Wheel Set with R2 Rotacaster multi-directional wheels.



$ 235.40 AUD (Ex GST $ 214.00 AUD)
SKU: 12-2461-R2
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Rotatruck Stair Climbing wheel mounts are designed to clear stair nosings of all stairs. The multi-directional Rotacaster wheels allow direct sideway movement and manoeuvrability. Moulded wheels guards additionally protect walls, floors and door from the damage.

The Stair Climbing Wheel Set can convert large heavy items like garbage bins or tool boxes into stair climbing applications. Existing two wheel hand trucks can also be converted into a stair climbing Rotacaster hand truck.


Please note: To convert existing applications separate axles and mounts might be needed. Please purchase them separately. If you have any questions please call our sales team for consultation.

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