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Rotacaster 125mm Double Polyurethane Roller /-18mm keyed bore

125mm Rotacaster multi-directional wheel with 18mm keyed bore to fit indidvidual and customised hub solutions. 
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125mm Rotacaster wheels have been manufactured and engineered from polymers. The injected moulded web-like structure of the wheel body and over moulded rollers combined create a robust, high impact, corrosion resistant wheel with no seems, pins or inserts.


Wheel Dimensions

  • Weight 0.315kg
  • Diameter 125mm
  • Width 43mm

Load Capacity (depending on durometer)

  • 85A: Lateral 57kg / Static 115kg
  • 95A: Lateral 68kg / Static 125kg


  • 360-degree multi-directional mobility
  • Non-marking polyurethane rollers
  • Better directional control
  • Precise positioning without swivel offset requirements
  • No resistance due to misaligned unlike swivel castor wheels
  • Rust free
  • Load stability (a static centre of load relative to wheel load)
  • Load distribution the ability to use multiple wheels without swivel offset


You need your own customised hub? 
Download your own customisable 3D Step File and print a hub for the 125mm Rotacasters with 18mm keyed bore - just click here. 

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