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Rotacaster 48mm Double (Solid) hard polymer roller/- Acetal Bearing

Acetal Bearing sizes available are: 6mm & 1/4'' (6.35mm) and 8mm
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The Rotacaster 48mm omni wheel has been engineered for both floor and inverted applications such as manual and powered conveyor transfer systems, feed tables, feed rails, pipe rollers, workstation turntables, furniture castors and robot wheels. The Rotacaster 48mm omni wheel provides the perfect alternative to swivel castors, conveyor wheels and rollers and ball transfer units.

The 99A (solid) durometer TCP roller run directly on the roller axle and provide the maximum of load capacity and durability in the 48mm Rotacaster range. They are ideal for heavy-duty and industrial levels loads while maintaining good traction.

More information about Rotacaster rollers and durometer click here.

Load Capacity: 40kg

Wheel Diameter: 48mm
Roller Diameter: 13mm
Bore Diameter: 12.7mm (keyed)
Acetal Bushing Insert*: 6mm, 6.35mm (1/4") or 8mm (5/16")
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Weight: 38g
Rollers Material: 99A TCP

Download the 48mm Rotacaster catalog here.

*Please note: Wheels with bushing will be dispatched assembled (bushing inserted).

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