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Rotatruck/Mini Pallet (4 Pack) Bundle

For optimal ergonomic safety and manual handling efficiency, we recommend using MiniPallets with either the Rotatruck Lite or Rotatruck AT Pro.

The award-winning self-supporting design of the Rotatruck makes the perfect partner for the manual handling tasks typically undertaken when using MiniPallets.

Simply slip the nose of the Rotatruck under the MiniPallet, pull back and transfer your goods with minimal effort.


Bottom Line

  • Optimal manual handling system from truck to store - one-time drop-and-move.
  • Less effort.
  • Move goods quicker and safer.
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Mini Pallet



  • Double handling and restacking.
  • Time to move stacked or stored goods.
  • Bending to secure low loads - better ergonomics.
  • Tilting or trundling loads on or off a hand truck nose.
  • Water or moisture damage to goods.



  • Durable, tough but lightweight, glass filled polypropylene construction.
  • 40mm floor clearance


Rotatruck Lite


  • Self-supporting, ergonomic design improves user productivity and safety.
  • Fluid 360° maneuverability.
  • Intuitive ease-of-use.
  • Proven to reduce physical effort by up to 78%.
  • Less bending and lifting effort.
  • 100% less effort balancing the load.
  • 78% less effort stepping up kerbs.
  • 59% less pull-back effort.



  • Award-winning self-supporting, ergonomic design.
  • Strong, durable anodised aluminium frame.
  • Self-supporting wheel base.
  • Curved bottom rail suitable for cylindrical loads.
  • 125mm R3 Rotacaster omni-directional front wheels for easy 360° maneuverability.
  • 200mm rubber on aluminium hub.
  • Single loop handle with 2mm vinyl sleeve.
  • 457mm x 190mm cast aluminium nose.
  • 150kg load capacity.

Lite Truck Specifications

Load Capacity:



Width: 457mm

Height: 1280mm

Depth:  540mm



11.7 Kg


Mini Pallet Specifications:


Length: 400mm

Width: 260mm

Height: 40mm

Inside gap height: 380mm

Weight: 500g

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