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Mini Pallet (400mm x 260mm)

Mini Pallets are small pallets designed to be used in conjunction hand trucks to move or store goods which typically require multiple handling.

Great for individual or stacked cartons, boxes, crates, bags or long items.

Bottom Line:

  • They make moving and storing goods faster, easier and safer.
  • Improve productivity, reduce risk of manual handling injuries.
  • Prevent water and moisture damage to goods.



$ 14.99 AUD (Ex GST $ 13.63 AUD)
SKU: 11-2060
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  • Double handling and restacking.
  • Time to move stacked or stored goods.
  • Bending to secure low loads - better ergonomics.
  • Tilting or trundling loads on or off a hand truck nose.
  • Water or moisture damage to goods.



  • Durable, tough but lightweight, glass filled polypropylene construction.
  • 40mm floor clearance

Mini Pallets Dimensions:

Length: 400mm

Width: 260mm

Height: 40mm

Inside gap height: 380mm


Load Capacity:




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