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Rotatruck LITE - 4xRC

Rotatruck LITE with straight frame and 4xRotacaster self-supporting wheelbase, ideal for confined spaces. 


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The unique, award-winning design of the self-supporting Rotatruck fully supports a load and minimises the need to balance or pull back the weight. The ergonomic design minimises repetitive pullback, bending and user effort. Rotatrucks go over kerbs and obstructions without reversing and allows continual forward movement during operation what makes them extremely time efficient and productive.

The 4x4 Rotatruck is the ideal application for confined, narrow spaces and environments and is best suited to firm flat surfaces like factory floors or cellars. Four Rotacaster multi-directional wheels enable the Rotatruck do go directly sideways without turning and swivelling and provide 360° mobility nearly on the spot.

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Please note:
All Rotatrucks are shipped unassembled unless the "Assembled" item is selected in the option-panel above. Please also note that the "Assembled" option will increase the shipping costs. To minimise additional cost, handles will not be attached*.

* Minimal assembly using a Phillips head screwdriver and an adjustable wrench will be required. If you have any questions please contact us.

The Rotatruck LITE is built from Asian imported frame, handle and nose components.


Load Capacity:  150kg

Frameset (Taiwan)

Handle  (1)   Simple loop with vinyl sleeve (2mm tube wall)
Frame  (2)   Straight back with 3 straight cross rails
Nose    (3)   457x190mm cast alum. nose (18" x 7.5")


Type  (4)     Self-supporting with self retracting kickstand
Front (5)     Rotacaster 125mm double (R2) wheels
Rear  (6)     Rotacaster 125mm double (R2) wheels 

Accessories (Included)



Width (W        457mm
Depth (D)        540mm
Height (H)     1280mm
Frame (F)       305mm

Weight:  11.0 Kg

Shipping Weights & Dims

Flat Packed:              13 Kg ( 101x34x15cm)
Partial Assembly:    72 Kg (104x47x60cm) 
Full Assembly:         92 Kg (130x47x60cm)

Note: Shipping Weights are based on greater of actual or shipper volumetric weight.

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