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Lift Assist Cylinder Rotatruck

Lift Assist Cylinder Rotatruck

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Watch the video to see the Lift Assist Cylinder Rotatruck in action.



Lift Assist Cylinder Rotatruck

The unique, award winning design of the self-supporting Rotatruck fully supports the load and reduces user effort required. The ergonomic construction utilises levering rather than lifting, it eliminates the need of reversing on kerbs and allows continual forward movement during operation which makes material handling quicker, easier and safer.

The Lift Assist Rotatruck is the quickest, easiest and safest way to handle large, heavy gas cylinders. Its ergonomic design eliminates bending and minimises the effort required to lift and transfer cylinder to and from pallets. Adjustable carriages permit cylinders to be carried at a comfortable angle. Its one of a kind sliding dual frame construction with fluid damper provides controlled descent of the cylinder while it also ensures continuous wheel contact with the ground when unloading pallets. 


Load Capacity: 150kg
Dimensions: 1550 x 500 x 600mm
Weight: 18.5kg


  • dual high-stress/sliding aluminium frame 
  • double loop handle
  • 220x80mm extruded aluminum nose
  • 250mm puncture proof rear wheels
  • R3 triple 125mm front wheels
  • Safety Straps

To get more details and information about the Lift Assist Rotatruck click here.

See the Lift Assist Cylinder Rotatruck in action - click here to see the video. 


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