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Milk Crate Rotatruck

Milk Crate Rotatruck

Ext. Hi-Strength Frame, Ext. Vert Loop Handle (60''), Crate Nose

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Watch the video below to see the Milk Crate Rotatruck in action.



The Milk Crate Rotatruck is the easiest, quickest and safest way to handle multiple milk crates. Designed specifically for Australian milk crates it eliminates bending and minimises the effort required to pick up, transport and release milk crates while improving efficiency and productivity and enhancing safety and reducing the risk of injuries when handling milk crates.

The Milk Crate Rotatruck uses aluminum hooks, which make the job of moving milk crates much faster than with a foot plate and let you turn on a pin in the smallest of cool rooms. 


Load Capacity: 150kg
Dimensions: 1630 x 460 x 502 mm
Weight: 15.6kg


  • Extended single loop handle
  • Extended high-strength frame
  • 250mm balloon cushion rear wheels
  • R3 (triple) Rotacaster 125mm front wheels
  • Aluminium Crate Nose
  • Crate specific hooks


Click here to see the latest video of the Milk Crate Rotatruck.

To get more details and information about the Milk Crate Rotatruck click here 

Please note: Assembly options are available (please select from panel above), however, this might increase shipping costs.


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