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48mm Rotacaster Wheel is used for both manual and powered conveyor transfer systems, feed tables, feed or flow rails, pipe rollers, workstation turntables, furniture casters but also as robotic wheels. 48mm Rotacaster have 4 polyurethane rollers with either over-moulded non marking medium (60A) or firm (90A) rollers or with solid TCP rollers which don't use a bushing and run directly on the roller axle.  

A range of plain, keyed and hexagonal bores but also acetal insert bearings are also available. Wheels using keyed and hexagonal shafts provide excellent tracking in the primary direction, however rotation is limited due to the fixed relationship of the adjacent wheels. For optimal rotation round bore free rolling double rotacaster are recommended.


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48mm DOUBLES - R2 48mm DOUBLES - R2
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