The Rotacaster Multi Directional Wheel

For a long time we thought that a wheel could only move forwards and backwards. An independent movement in all directions was unthinkable until Rotacaster invented the solution for an age-old problem the Rotacaster Multi Directional Wheel. It enables not only moving forward and backward but also sideways movement.

With its unique system using a fixed orientated main wheel, which allows forward and reverse movement and peripheral arranged rollers, which facilitate turning rotational, lateral and diagonal. The Rotacaster Wheel guarantees a 360 degrees movement.

The Rotacaster Wheel is an omni directional and multi-purpose wheel with unrivalled manoeuvrability. Its unlimited potential allowing it to become a real alternative to the traditional floor swivel castor or the Mecanum wheel.


Ergonomic Materials Handling - The Rotatruck

Inspired by the wheel's technology and employing it's multiple usability, Rotacaster utilises the wheel's potential to make life quicker, easier and safer across a broad range of applications. Various manual materials handling products are influenced and supported by the Rotacaster Wheel for its ease of use.

The Rotatruck with its self-supporting wheelbase, provides a long list of advantages for the handling of large and heavy items. Imbued by the 360-degree movement and utilising the manoeuvrability and functionality of the Rotacaster Multi Directional Wheel, Rotatrucks are created as practical equipment solution that reduces workplace injuries while at the same time increasing productivity. Ergonomic safety is improved by less pull back effort and less required lifting and carrying. Increased time efficiency delivers an immediate Return on Investment.

Robot Wheels

With the durability and ride quality of an industrial floor wheel, and its unique construction, the Rotacaster Multi Directional Wheel is also a high performance robotic wheel. The 360-degree capability and fluid mobility is considered an essential element for the emerging robotic scene, helping to make robots work autonomously and interactively amongst people. Rotacaster Wheels provide great flexibility, which can drive the robot in any direction and are a more durable alternative to the common ball transfer unit.

Conveyer Transfer

Rotacaster Multi Directional Wheels and rollers are used as solutions for conveyor and load transfer needs. They enable easier movement of items in all direction no matter their size or weight. The full manoeuvrability brings a new level of performance to multi directional motions application. Rotacaster wheels can be integrated to existing systems by providing mounting option or hubs.


Rotacaster Case Studies

Excited about Rotacaster multi-directional wheels, the unique Rotatrucks and its advantages for material handling? The Rotacaster case studies show various applications from material handling to conveyor transfer solutions - all inspired by the freedom of movement and the 360 degree mobility of the Rotacaster wheels.


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