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The new hand truck generation

Manual material handling is often fatiguing, requires an enormous amount of effort and can cause serious strain and back injuries due to repetitive  awkward movements and posture. 

Rotatrucks make manual material handling not only easier, but quicker and safer. The unique patented four-wheeled base fully supports and carries the load, reducing the effort required and the risk of injuries. It saves time and money and guarantees a quick return on investment.

Rotatruck allow the user to leave their hands free and to step up kerbs without reversing, while providing an easy 360° rotation and nearly unlimited mobility. Rotatrucks make your manual material handling Easier, Quicker and Safer.



Save Time

Save Effort

Save Backs

The Rotatruck reduces not only the time taken, but also the frequency of some activities and removes the necessity of others. To negotiate a kerb, you no longer have to turn, reverse up the kerb, to then have to turn again in order to proceed. Or you don't have to take a detour to find a pedestrian layback. 

Negotiating a kerb with a Rotatruck saves 60% of the time taken of a two-wheeled hand truck. This means getting through more jobs faster, with more energy in the bank.

You no longer have to strain to pull back a load, continually balance or support it, or haul it up the kerb. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to more energy and productivity.

Rotatrucks reduce the effort required by up to 55%, while also reducing the frequency of some activities.  You don't need to park and pull back the load at way points such as closed doors, crossings or partial load drops.

Despite all equipment, musculoskeletal injuries are still disproportionally high when it comes to maual material handling. The cost of lost time injuries, compensation rates paid and worker shortages are staggering

By their unique design, Rotatrucks simultaneously reduce the effort and input required while promoting a better posture and ergonomics. This offers the rare opportunity to improve both safety and productivity at the same time.

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What makes the differences?



2 Wheeler 

Leverage Plus

Hands Free Balance

Magic Step Up


54% less effort required
than with a 2-wheel hand truck

completely supports its own load -
hands free for other activities

78% less effort and 63% less time needed when stepping up kerbs


When using a Rotatruck, the six core handtruck activities, load pull back, kerb negotiation, confined space movement, doorway navigation, overcoming obstacles and vertical maneuverability are performed in less time (29% in average) with less effort (54%). The ergonomic construction utislises a levering action to avoid lifting and reversing on kerb negotiations, and also allows continual forward movement during operation.


Rotacaster omni-directional Wheels inside

With Rotacaster multi-directional wheels inside, an unrivalled 360° maneuverability is guaranteed. The patented wheels provide stability and robust durability and result in ease of handling on inclines and confined spaces such as lifts, corridors and storerooms.


  • Improve workplace safety, reduce fatigue and risk of strain injuries
  • Increase handling and transporting speed and productivity
  • Fully support the load and leave hands free
  • Do not require balancing or pull back
  • Give 360° maneuverability
  • Ease handling on inclines or in confined spaces like corridors or storerooms


The Rotatruck Range




The Rotatruck LITE is the perfect partner for occasional use and lighter duties, up to 150kg. While providing all Rotatruck benefits it is ideal for restaurants, warehouses and home & office environments. 

Where material handling is critical to perform the day to day job in a productive but safe way - the Rotatruck PRO range with great load capacities is the perfect fit. Ideal for parcel & wholesale delivery, bottle shops, bulk retail, white goods or furniture and more. Built with quality Magline aluminium components the PRO range offers options such as different handles and noses, product add ons and accessories to fit nearly every need.

Special Purpose 

 Conversion Kits

Created to handle specific containerised loads like dairy and bakery crates, gas cylinders, drums, pails, batteries and ceramics, Special Purpose Rotatrucks provide a productive and safe material handling solution for multiple industries. Special Purpose Rotatrucks ease palletising and de-palletising and secure the load with specific load engagement systems. With Rotatruck Conversion Kits, available as a LITE or a PRO model, nearly every existing aluminium two-wheel hand truck can easily become a Rotatruck, providing benefits of increased productivity and reduced risk of injuries.




Stair Climbers

Carts & Dollies 

Parts & Accessories

Rotacaster Stair Climbers are designed to improve ease of handling and safety when climbing up stairs with a load. Star shaped wheel mounts reduce user's pull back effort and decrease the risk of strain injuries. Wheel guards protect floors, walls and surfaces from damage and multi-directional Rotacaster wheels allow sideways movement when using on flat ground. Rotatruck Carts, Dollies and Skates are ideal for loads of different sizes and weights. Multi-directional Rotacaster wheels provide greater load stability, directional control and 360° maneuverability. It makes the transport of larger heavier loads easier especially in confined spaces and reduces pushing, twisting and the amount of hands required. A great range of accessories is available aiming to increase productivity and safety. Replacement parts are available for the entire Rotatruck range. 


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WorkCover offers a business rebate for businesses with 50 or less full time employees, that gives up to $500 back to NSW business owners who buy and install eligible safety equipment to address a safety problem in their workplace.*

*Please see terms & conditions for Cashback options and visit WorkCover NSW website for more information or


This offer provides a risk free opportunity to test and experience the unique benefits of the Rotatruck. If your Rotatruck hasn't increased your productivity, lowered the risk of injuries and reduced handling cost after 30 days - return it for a full product refund - RISK FREE.



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