"Third Wheel" 

Innovative robot with Rotacaster multi directional wheels

Rotacaster is proud to support the team of University of NSW (Lab202) and even more excited about what an amazing robot was created. The National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition (NI ARC), is a student competition for development and innovation in the field of robotics across Australia and New Zealand.

This year the main task of the competition will revolve around the logistic and transportation industry as an important component for local industries such as mining, agriculture and manufacturing. Focus areas for the robotic application are on easy navigation, obstacle avoidance and object handling.

Employing Rotacaster multi-directional wheels the teams' robot "Third Wheel" shows an impressive 360 degree mobility and absolute fluidity. Rotacaster wheels combine direct sideways and diagonally movement, likely to be to be an essential element for a new robotic generation, with the durability and ride quality of an industrial floor wheel.

Find more information about National Instruments and the competiton here

Dynamoto -
a great project realised with the multi-directional Rotacaster wheels
an innovative 360 degree manoeuvrable bike stand.

A aimple, robust, and versatile devices
for motorcycle riders to park,
move, store and retrieve their bikes.


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