Rotacaster Robot Wheels


Built with the durability and ride quality of an industrial floor wheel, the multi-directional Rotacaster is a high performance robotic wheel. Its unique construction makes it the toughest, smoothest and fastest robotic wheel on the market with a choice of polyurethane or Santoprene rollers for outstanding durability and traction.

The Rotacaster familiy includes robot wheels with 125mm, 48mm and 35mm diameter.  Festo's Robotino XT (Germany) uses Rotacaster Robot Wheels.    Rotacaster Wheels have no pins or metal inserts for a smooth and durable perfomance (125mm Cross Section).  



  • Engineered to minimise roller play on axles

  • Fully bushed rollers ensure smooth consistent motion


  • Fully injection-moulded frame - no lost rollers

  • Engineering grade polymer structure no steel inserts or pins Choice of polyurethane rollers for optimum durability


  • Optional Santoprene rollers deliver greater traction & acceleration




Rotacaster Wheel has recently achieved success internationally with providing wheels for Festo's Robotino (Germany),
ZutaLab's robotic pocket printer (Israel) and Esclatecs' Estel Wheel Chair (Spain). 

Esclatecs' Estel Wheel Chair (Spain)
ZutaLab's robotic pocket printer (Israel)
Festo's Robotino (Germany)




Different Rotacaster Wheel Options


35mm Rotacaster

35mm robotic Rotacasters are available with Lego or Vex compatible hub. Alternative hubs are avaiable for commercial conveyor applications.

See more 35mm Rotacasters Robotic wheels here.


48mm Rotacaster

48mm robotic Rotacasters are available with a Lego compatible hub. Alternative hubs are available for commercial conveyor applications.

Watch the 48mm Rotacaster in action: fitted to this amazing Lego wheelchair or to a Lego Mindstorms robot.

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125mm Rotacaster Robotic Wheels 

The robot wheel combines the freedom of 360 degree mobility with the stability of a fixed mounting, achieved its unique patented construction. See more...

Download the Rotacaster Robotic Wheel catalogue here.


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