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Rotacaster wheels enable robots and robotic applications to easily and smoothly move, spin and turn around. Utilising the 360 degree movability, the multi directional Rotacaster wheel assists various companies around the world.


Rotacaster Robotic Wheels Mobility

3 Wheel Robot

Rotacaster Robot Wheel - 360 degree movability allows to go in any direction


Rotacaster robot wheels combine direct sideways and diagonally movement with the durability and ride quality of an industrial floor wheel.

Rotacaster's unique construction makes it one of the toughest, smoothest and fastest robotic wheel on the market.











Robotic application with Rotacaster Wheels

Esclatec Estel Wheel chair
ZutaLab's Pocket Printer
Festo Robotino XT  



Lego Robots with Rotacaster Wheels

Rotacaster Lego Mindstorms Robotics  
The LEGO Wheelchair  
Lego Rotacaster wheels mindstorms robot  
Rotacaster Prototype Lego Test 2  




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