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Rotatruck LITE

For the regular but casual user:
Warehousing, parcel delivery,
hospitality, home & office


Rotatruck PRO

For those who rely on their hand
truck day in, day out: Parcel &
wholesale delivery, liquor stores,
bulk retail, whitegoods & furniture.


Special Purpose

For faster, safer handling
of tricky loads: Dairy, bakery &
produce crates, drums, cylinders,
ceramics & batteries.


Conversion Kits

Why wait to replace?
Easily convert your current hand
truck & enjoy the Rotatruck's
benefits today

Stair Climbers

Designed to improve ease of handling and safety when climbing up stairs with a load.



Carts & Dollies

Ideal for loads of different sizes and weights, they makes the transport of larger heavier loads easier especially in confined spaces.




A great range of parts and accessories are available aiming to increase productivity and safety.



Mini Pallets

Australian designed and manufactured, is Mini Pallets provide a safe, practical and economical alternative to hazardous transporting practices.


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