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MINI-PALLETS | Small Plastic Pallets For Hand Trucks


Mini Pallets. Pallets for hand trucks and hand trollies.

Imagine loading up a forklift without pallets? That would be a lot of double handling and heavy lifting right? So what about those smaller, heavy loads stacked onto a hand truck? So, why not a pallet for hand trucks?  Mini pallets for hand trucks.

Are you tired of: Double handling? Bad backs? Damaged goods? Mini pallets for hand trucks.

Well. with Mini Pallets, not anymore! Whether in the factory , office or home, the Mini Pallet is the game-changer that can change all that for you! Mini pallets for hand trucks.

Save Time and Effort. No More Double Handling. Designed to be used with a hand truck, a Mini Pallet can be loaded by simply sliding the hand truck nose underneath and pulling back; without the need for re-stacking; saving time and effort - increasing productivity. Mini Pallets for hand trucks.

Reduced Risk of Injury. Less Bending and Lifting. 50,000 back injuries are reported annually in Australian workplaces caused by poor lifting practices. Mini Pallets remove the need for double handling, reducing the amount of bending and lifting required to move stacked goods; reducing the risk of injury.

Protect Your Goods. Reduce Inventory Write-off. Mini Pallet also provide a clearance between your goods and ground, protecting not only the goods, but also the packaging from moisture damage and contamination caused by direct floor contact. No more soggy, disintegrating packaging. Mini Pallets for hand trucks.

Great For: Cartons, Crates, Sacks, Drums, Compact Heavy Items, Longer Items, Undershelf Storage, Coolroom Storage. Mini Pallets for hand trucks.



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Mini Pallet (400mm x 260mm)SKU: 11-2060-0301Mini Pallet (400mm x 260mm)
$ 23.63 AUD ($ 21.48 AUD Ex GST)
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