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The Rotacaster Story  

A story of Australian ingenuity, innovation and passionate determination.

Ever seen a fixed wheel go sideways?


Our Rotacaster wheel is an Australian owned, made and patented multi-directional wheel with 360° turn mobility. We've combined the simplicity and functionality of a fixed wheel with the mobility of a swivel caster. We haven't reinvented the wheel, just given it a revolution.

Think about the wheel moving backwards and forwards. Now imagine a floor wheel that can move independently in all directions.

In 1990, inspired by a biblical reference that describes "a wheel in the middle of a wheel" (first chapter of Ezekiel), Henry Guile began investigating the creation of a wheel with unlimited movement potential. Henry continued experimenting for many years but sadly, his dream was never realised.

Ten years after initial experiments, Henry's son Graham revisited his father's early work. After two years of re-engineering trials and a determination to crack the invention, Graham finally designed the Rotacaster wheel of today.

Launched in 2005, the final design was an engineering feat that revolutionised the very nature of the wheel. The Rotacaster, an omni-directional, multi-purpose wheel, with unrivalled manoeuvrability and unlimited potential was created. It is the only real alternative to the traditional floor swivel castor.

In 2008, we were able to replace a previous manual task with a specifically designed Rotatruck (our 4-wheeled self -supporting hand truck) to transform and improve the hand truck functionality that has done the same thing in the same manner for centuries. ROI from day one; and total cost recovery with months, not years. It's what happens when simplicity meets sophistication.


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Rotacaster omniwheels

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The Rotatruck - Self Supporting Hand Truck - "Most Innovative WHS Idea (SME)" - Winner

Rotatruck Self Supporting Hand Trolley - Winner Safe Work Award 2009

The Rotatruck Self Supporting Hand Truck - "Best solution to a workplace health & safety issue" - Winner

Rotatruck Self Supporting Hand Trolley - Finalist SWA 2010


The Rotatruck Self Supporting Hand Truck - "Best solution to a workplace health and safety issue" - Finalist

Rotatruck Self Supporting Hand Truck - Finalist NSWA 2010

The Rotatruck Self Supporting Hand Truck - "Best solution to an identified OHS&E issues" - Finalist

Rotacaster omni-wheels - HMA Finalist 2010

The Rotacaster omni directional wheel - "Excellence in innovation" - Finalist


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