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Stair Climber



Climbing upstairs with a hand truck is never easy and usually requires the operator to pull up the load. Rotatruck Stair Climbers are designed to eliminate those specific movements and issues that often result in injuries when pulling a load up stairways.

Rotatruck Stair Climbers require around 30% less effort than a standard hand truck when ascending stairs. Using a Rotatruck leads to an improved workplace safety, reduced fatigue and risk of strain injuries while increasing the ease of handling and transporting speed.


The rotating star-shaped wheel mounts reduce the force to pull the load upstairs, as the direction of pull force is the same the wheels need to travel to.

See the video, showing a Stair-Climbing Rotatruck, here.


CAUTION: Rotacaster Stair climber assemblies are not suitable for open-backed stairs with openings greater than 120mm.



360º Manoeuvrability

Floor and wall protection

Vertical movement

The Rotacaster Multi-Directional Wheels allow 360º and easy movement in any direction and maneuvering in confined spaces. 

Non-Marking Polyurethane rollers eliminate floor surface scrubbing and pivot-point carpet tears. Moulded wheel guards additionally protect walls, floors and doors from damage.

Jockey wheels enable the Rotatruck to move easily in the vertical position even when loaded. Find a Video for vertical load replacement here.


The Stair Climber Range

Rotacaster Stair Climber


Conversion Kit and Wheel Set






The Rotacaster stair climbing hand truck is designed to improve safety and load security while climbing up staircases. The multi-directional Rotacaster wheels allow the hand truck to move sideways without turning.


Existing two-wheel hand trucks can be converted into Stair Climbers with the Rotatruck Conversion Kits. Rotacaster Wheel Sets convert large and heavy items like garbage bins or tool boxes into stair climbing applications.


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Stair Climber LITESKU: 11-23SC-LITEStair Climber LITE
$ 550.40 AUD ($ 500.36 AUD Ex GST)
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Stair Climber Conversion Kit R2SKU: 12-23SC-R2Stair Climber Conversion Kit R2
$ 429.83 AUD ($ 390.75 AUD Ex GST)
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Rotacaster Stair Climber extended HandleSKU: 11-23SC/17Rotacaster Stair Climber extended Handle
$ 811.17 AUD ($ 737.43 AUD Ex GST)
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Ratchet Strap Load RestraintSKU: 11-9001Ratchet Strap Load Restraint
$ 104.38 AUD ($ 94.89 AUD Ex GST)
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Ratchet Strap Load Restraint - with alum. slide barSKU: 11-9001/AlRatchet Strap Load Restraint - with alum. slide bar
$ 115.97 AUD ($ 105.43 AUD Ex GST)
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