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Rotacaster Stair Climber extended Handle

Stair Climber with R2 (double) Rotacaster Wheels, straight frame, extended vertical loop handle, extruded nose
$ 919.23 AUD(Ex GST $ 835.66 AUD)
Add-ons:Ratchet Strap Kit add-on - $103.71
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The aluminium Rotacaster stair climbing hand truck combines the 360° movement of Rotacaster's patented multi-directional wheel with a lightweight and durable frame, making it ideal for a variety of applications including freight and logistics, home, office and warehousing. Using a Rotatruck leads to an improved workplace safety, reduced fatigue and risk of strain injuries while increasing the ease of handling and transporting speed.

Rotatruck Stair Climbers are designed to eliminate specific and awkward movements, which often result in injuries when pulling a load up stairways. They require around 30% less effort than a standard hand truck when ascending stairs.

The extended (extra high) vertical loop handle makes this Rotatruck ideal for taller load, like appliances.
An optional ratchet strap (kit) (product add-on) secures the load additionally.







    Please note: Stair Climbers are not suitable for open-backed stairs with a gap of  125mm or more.

    Load Capacity: 225kg


    • Wheels: 6 x 125mm Double Rotacaster Omni Wheels
    • Straight aluminium frame
    • Extended vertical loop handle 
    • 457x228mm (18x9") extruded nose


    • Height: 1530
    • Width: 450mm
    • Weight: 15 kgs
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