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"I have been using one of your 4 wheel dollies for over 7 years now and it is simply AWESOME! The trolley is one of the hardest workers in my crew, never complains and has paid for itself about 10 times over. It has taken and moved weight of up to 600 kg with the greatest of ease. It seriously is a little rippa!"


Christian Bloomfield 
Renovate, Restore, Recycle

 "We have used Rotacaster wheels in a number of our projects. I am impressed by the quality of the manufacturing - the finish and tolerances are second to none. Rotacaster take great pride in their work - their staff have been a pleasure to work with and couldn't be more supportive.
Their wheels are highly adaptable, indeed a demonstration robot designed by our high school robotics team based around the Rotacaster wheels has been the centrepiece of the team's successful sponsorship campaign. It is a pleasure to work with an Australian company that is doing such high quality manufacturing, and doing it in Australia."

Dr James Ward
Postdoctoral Researcher and High School Robotics Mentor
Australian Centre for Field Robotics
University of Sydney






"We have been using our Rotatrucks for more than three years. The trucks can be loaded with a fair wack of weight and are still easy to move especially up and down kerbs. We are impressed that nothing ever has broken. Rotatrucks have simplified our daily work and save us a lot of time moving stock around the pub and bottle shop."

Scott Dyson, 

Hotel & Bottle Shop General Manager

Prince of Wales, Merewether NSW




"The Rotatruck works great, takes a heavy load, moves easily and the additional folding nose saves my back.  Wouldn't use anything else!"

James Dalby

Newcastle Batteries

"We got the full $500 rebate from WorkCover after following the steps outlined. The process was straightforward. Both, WorkCover and Rotacaster were great to deal with."


Newcastle Batteries




"The Keg Rotatruck makes moving kegs but also other beverage cases in and out the cool room very easy. We don't need to carry them or bend a full loaded hand truck. We don't want to miss it anymore."


Sunnside Tavern, Broadmedow, NSW



"I found Rotatruck much easier to use than our standard hand trucks. We no longer need to bend as much when loading products, which means I feel less tired after a shift. Rotatruck negotiates narrow isles and tight spaces easily, even when fully loaded, and this makes tasks less fatiguing for our staff."


 Store Manager BWS Adamstown, NSW


Rotacaster multidirectional wheels improve productivity and safety for Mathers Removals




"Rotacaster multi-directional wheels fitted to upright trolleys, dollies and bin trolleys have improved our company manual handling health and safety record."

Byron Stott

Manager / Andrew Mathers Removals






"Weaver has decided to use Rotacaster omni wheels because they are not only innovative but also present the closest experience that a set of wheels can offer in regard to 'free displacement'."

Fernando Vega / Weaver - The Social Robot

 rotacaster hand trucks make life easy for Lakeside Tavern Bottle Shop

"If I had to describe the hand truck in one word it would be 'easy'...It's effortless to operate. I'll never go back to using anything else."

Martyn Lani, Owner / Lakeside Tavern Bottle Shop





Rotacaster omniwheels outperform swivel castors on ExQuisine freezer trolley 

"Where other castors froze and were difficult to control, (Rotacaster) omni-wheels are able to cope with the environment without difficulty."

David Rose, Director / Exquisine

 rotacaster omniwheels used on Brad Jones Racing fuel tank 


"We give the Rotacasters a big thumbs up."

Dave Camper, Production Manager / Brad Jones Racing


"At Brad Jones Racing our cars and people are constantly being pushed to their limit and beyond, this could not be achieved without the right support and equipment.

Our Race team is a completely mobile entity, which provides its own unique logistical challenges.  Every moment we spend setting up and pulling down our service areas takes valuable time, better spent improving our cars and ultimately race speed.

Rotacaster's equipment ensures our people remain safe when every second counts."

Andrew Campbell, Purchasing Manager / Brad Jones Racing


"[The Rotatruck Self Supporting Hand Trolley] cuts the work time in half because it is so simple to use. And best of all it will reduce staff injury due to back strain. Best purchase of the year, I would recommend it to everyone"

Andrew Parker, Secretary Manager / Gloucester Bowling & Recreation Club, Gloucester NSW


"The Rotatruck Hand Truck is easy to handle around the hotel and bottleshop and is safe and user-friendly for all of the staff."

Peter Kearney, Owner / Beauford Hotel, Mayfield NSW


"We purchased our Rotacaster hand trolley after trailing it. This unit has had a major impact on the ease of moving our goods around ready for distribution. Thank you guys!"

Nick Webb, Owner / Nick Webb Agencies, Beresfield NSW


"We've found that the Rotatruck [Self Supporting Hand Trolley] reduces the effort needed to move loads and makes things easier, particularly for the female users, in the office and warehouse".

Philip Lentfer, Owner / MGH Packaging, Adamstown NSW








"I wanted to thank you for your fantastic service and product. We received the 4 trolleys yesterday and they are all out being used today with their original trolley rejected. Two of the boys have already written their name on theirs!
Your service was spot on! Thank you once again"

Phyllis Dawson / Arundel Parcel Express, Molendinar QLD


"This trolley makes my job so much easier! When delivering freight it allows me to push a full load with just my thumb. I have been using it for 5 years delivering 130-250 items a day."

Adam Whipps / TNT, Newcastle NSW


"In my quest to get back to mowing the lawns after a serious sporting accident, I purchased a self-propelled mower and modified the front axle, fitting 2 triple 125mm Rotacaster wheels to make the unit more user-friendly.

Since then manoeuvring the mower out of the garage is a breeze. Swinging it around garden beds, tree trunks and to turn around at the end of a straight run has proved to be effortless.

Similar to the mower, our family BBQ now has been modified with 2 double Rotacaster wheels which were fitted to the vertical legs. The BBQ is now used frequently due to the ease of moving the unit to and from its storage area.

In 3 years of subsequent use since the installation of the Rotacaster wheels, I have not had an issue with their performance - a wonderful innovation!"

Lionel Rose, curious and inventive outdoor hobbiest


"I had a problem with a heavy pot plant on a mobile stand that could not be moved across a pebbled concrete surface. I have been very interested in Rotacasters for a long time and thought that they may be the solution. After mounting Rotacasters to a checker plate I was amazed at how easily my heavy pot plant could be moved around.

To say I am pleased with the Rotacaster wheels, mounting kits and the service is an understatement. The pebble concrete surface is no issue when moving the pot which is heavy enough to require two strong blokes to lift it onto the base.

Feel free to replicate my design with the amazing Rotacasters which do not only really work but are very ergonomically suited to prevent injuries, save time (which equates to money) and are locals in the Hunter."

Allan White, Director / AL's OH&S Pty Ltd, Raymond Terrace, NSW


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