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Rotacaster Joins Australian Made Week 2021


May 24th-30th is Australian Made week, an initiative launched by Australian Made to celebrate, promote and create awareness of Australian Made products and produce.

As well as creating awareness of some truly great Australian goods, Australian Made Week is also drawing attention to the national, economic benefits of 'buying Australian'.

Rotacaster is proudly supporting this initiative, see how we are supporting Australian industry here.



Omni-Sense Starts Influencing the Influencers!

24th May 2021


The Omni-Sense has been creating quite a stir amongst vision impaired communities Stateside, particularly with prominent US social media vloggers and influencers.

The Omni-Sense has made it onto Molly Burke's (660K followers on Tik Tok) hit list and has even been tested out in skateparks by Sam Seavey who hosts The Blind Life YouTube channel (33K subscribers).

Most importantly, the Omni-Sense has been getting a big 'thumbs-up' by these online luminaries.

See what they have to say here.


The New OMNIA 180mm Wheel - Bigger, Tougher, Smoother

20th May 2021

Development of our new 180mm omni-wheel has been progressing well and testing on our pre-production R2 model has been producing some extremely exciting results.

The 180 is our largest omni-wheel to date and offers:

  • the highest load capacity
  • best ride quality
  • easiest maneuverability (low push/pull forces).

Dynamic load capacity has increased 25-54% (depending on the roller hardness) handling loads up to 200kg!

Read more about the applications and features of our new 180mm omni-wheel here.






Omni-Sense A Big Hit With USA Trialist Sarah

10th May 2021

Omnia's Omni-Sense has been undergoing trials with a number of vision impairment organisations in the USA after news of the white cane tip spread following its launch in October 2020.

Sarah has retinopathy prematurity and glaucoma and has been trialling the Omni-Sense since late January 2021.

"It's my new favourite thing", states Sarah, who loves the auditory feedback it provides and the fact that it does not roll away when leant against a wall thanks to the 'stopper peg'.

"I don't trip, I don't get hit in the hip and I can just keep walking without having to readjust" explains Sarah.


To read the full article and listen to her interview click here.










Cerebra UK Pushing Children's Lives Forward With Rotacaster

14th December 2020

UK charity Cerebra, is dedicated to helping and supporting children with brain conditions and their families.

They make special carts for children who require extra oxgen to carry the cylinders around by themselves, 

giving them greater independence and qulaity of life.


Rotacaster donated the omni-wheels for their new range of carts used by children like Ezra. Click here for the full

story on how our omni-wheels helped improve this OEM product design.


Rotacaster Win Prestigous Manufacturing Award

24th October 2020

Rotacaster were delighted to win Manufacturer of the Year for a Company With Under 50 Employees

at the 2020 Hunter Manufacturing Awards, held in November 2020 at the Harbourview Function Centre,

Newcastle, NSW. 


The Hunter Manufacturing Awards are champions for vibrant and enduring manufacturing, recognising

and promoting excellence in the Hunter region. Click here for the full story.



Rotacaster Launch Innovative White Cane Tip For The Visually Imapaired

4th Oct 2020

Utilising the 50mm omni-wheel Rotacaster have developed an innovative new white cane-tip for the visually impaired,

which has managed to address common issues experienced by users of regular cane-tips such as quick wear as wells

as improving sensory feedback. The Omni-Sense has been developed closely with Ian Edwards aka The Blind Chef

who says he would never go back to his old tips. Get the full story here.

Rotacaster wins Hunter Safety Award!

On Friday March 18 Rotacaster received the first ever Hunter Safety Award in the category Most Innovative WHS idea (SME) for their Rotatrucks. 

Rotatrucks, four-wheeled self-supporting hand trucks increase health and safety around the workplace when manual handling material. They reduce user effort up to 59%, require less bending and lifting and performs up to 29% more time efficient then standard two wheel hand trucks.
The Hunter Safety Award, initiated to acknowledge Hunter businesses and their WHS efforts rewards innovative approaches and ideas to improve workplace health and safety.

Read the Hunter Safety Award media release here.


Rotatrucks awarded for Hunter Safety Awards

Rotacaster and its ergonomic materials handling solution, the Rotatruck are announced to be one of the finalists for the inaugural Hunter Safety awards 2016.
Companies demonstrating innovative approaches when it comes to workplace health and safety will be acknowledged with this award, chosen by a panel of industry experts and sponsor representatives. Read the Hunter Safety Award media release here.


Growing Robotic Markets

In the July edition of Industry Update, Rotacasters' Managing Director, Mr Peter McKinnon talks about how the industrial and service robotics markets are set to grow exponentially, and the role mobility will play in providing better productivity and cost-effectiveness for business as a whole. Read more...


Rotatruck wins the last 100 yards

May 2014 - According to AMR research, up to 80 percent of supply chain costs are incurred in the last 100 yards - the distance from the delivery truck to the storeroom or online customer's front door. Read more...


Gas cylinder handling problem solved

May 2014 - Solution to "last 100 yards" problem - "pallet to floor". Read more...


Magline adopts Rotacaster technology

May 2014 - Australian-based Rotacaster has reached an agreement to license the use of its technology to Magline, its long time supplier and leading modular aluminium hand-truck and materials handling specialist. Read more... 



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Press Releases

Rotacaster presents its latest robot wheels on RoboUniverse in New York

May 2015 - Multi-­directional Wheels... The Mover In The Next Wave Of Robotic Mobility
Industrial robots are moving out of the cage, and service robots into our homes and workplaces, working side by side with people.
Their ability to undertake even the most complex of tasks is becoming both enticing and commercially viable for both consumer and business.

Holonomic Robot Wheels from Rotacaster Rated Best

June 2012 - The Rotacaster omni wheel is well-suited to robotics because it is tougher, has an optimum durability and offers the ultimate in maneuverability and the ride quality of an industrial floor wheel."  Read more...

Rotacaster Hand Truck Industry Standard for Moving Companies

June 2012 - Rotacaster omni-directional wheels have been widely receiving praise  because of the superior load stability, as well as the robust, durable and corrosion resistant construction. Read more...

Refrigerated Material Handling Situations Operate Best with Rotacaster Omni Wheels

June 2012 - ExQuisine has have been using the Rotacaster for five years now in special material handling temperatures and report the omni-wheels have proved durable and easy to use. Read more...

Aging Workforce in Hospitality Turns to Rotatruck for Improved Safety

June 2012 - Increasingly hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality firms are finding the need to improve safety for an aging workforce. Rotacaster facilitates movement in any direction without the need of a traditional swivel mount. Read more...

Rotacaster Wheels Revolutionises Trolley System

June 2012 - A trolley that holds medialifTV media enclosures in an upright and freestanding position and can easily move from location to location thanks to Rotacaster wheels working in unison for no-hassle maneuvering, even on inclines. Read more...

Rotacaster 48mm Assembly Table Drives Dramatic Savings

June 2012 - The decision to go with Rotacaster on an 48mm Assembly Table saved a company more than $20,000. Read More...

Rotacaster Praised by Variety of Companies for Productivity Improvements

June 2012 - Rotacaster multi-directional wheels fitted to upright trolleys, dollies and bin trolleys improve companies' manual handling health and safety record. Read more...

Built-to-Order Rotacaster Stair Climbers Allow Customization

July 2012 - Stair Climber Assemblies from Rotacaster are easy on your back and kind on surfaces. Read more...

Rotacaster Managing Director Talks Robot Predictions for 2013

July 2012 - Rotacaster's Managing Director Peter McKinnon recently predicted the top robotic trend for 2013. Read more...


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