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Omni-Sense White Cane Tip Starts Influencing The Influencers!

Posted on 21 May 2021

(Vision impaired social media influencer, Molly Burke give the lo-down on her Omni-Sense cane tip)


The Omni-Sense has been Stateside and creating quite a stir amongst the vision impaired communities across the country, particularly with some prominent US social media vloggers and influencers. 

The Omni-Sense has made it onto Molly Burke's (660K followers on Tik Tok) hit list and has even been tested out in skateparks by Sam Seavey who hosts The Blind Life YouTube channel. 

The great news is it has been getting a big 'thumbs-ups' from both Molly and Sam who have been impressed with the sensory feedback the omni-sense provides. Sam and Molly have now switched to Omni-Sense from their traditional ball and marshmallow tips for daily use.


As Sam from The Blind Life States,


Sam first reviewed the Omni-Sense in March, and has since tested it our rollerblading and skateboarding in his local skatepark, enthusiastically reporting that,

"It worked really well. The Omni-Sense allowed me to feel the ramp transitions before I got to them, so I could prepare."




In his latest video, Sam reviews a range of cane tips currently available on the market, ranging from traditional ball and marshamallow tips to non-conventional products such as Omni-Sense. In this video Sam states,

"... since reviewing [the Omni-Sense], this has become my daily driver... this is the one I have been using everyday... It's great for contstant contact... and because it has these wheels, it roles over obstacles beautifully."


Molly Burke has a huge following on social media and has posted a number of videos demostrating the Omni-Sense's benefits, affirming;

"I really liked the auditory feedback it [Omni-Sense] provided, which was a lot more than the traditional marshmallow tip on the end of my cane that I was used to using. I also find it rolls a lot smoother over the cracks in the pavement, so it [the cane] doesn't get stuck and stab me in the stomach at all - it's pretty great!" 

Incidentally, two of her posts abouth the Omni-Sense have grossed the highest number of views of all her videos on Tik Tok - 1.6M and 1.2M views!


We're really excited to see how well the Omni-Sense is being recieved by these independent users and ecstatic that it is having such a positive effect on people's lives. 

Roll-on the Omni-Sense! 



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