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Fluid movement of items in all directions,
no matter their size or weight.

Providing the robustness and ride quality of an industrial floor wheel, the patented full polymer construction brings a new level of performance to conveyor rollers. Constructed with a fully injection-moulded body of tough engineering plastics and polyurethane rollers, there are no seams, joints or inserted pins.

  • An ideal choice for industrial applications in a dusty, dirty or corrosive environment
  • Robust, long lasting and has high impact resistance and load capacity
  • Less downtime due to lost rollers and maintenance
  • A variety of mounting options and hubs available (passive and driven)
  • An alternative to a ball transfer unit
  • A range of diamaters and durometers available for sensitive to heavy duty loads




Inverted Applications - Durability meets manoeuvrability & flexibility.

  • Allows more wheels per m² with minimal spacing between adjacent rollers
  • Greater load distribution
  • Reduce soft surface indentation
  • Ability to handle a wider range of surface profiles



Celluveyor - DHL Success Story Video.






      Injection moulded mounting cups and roller axles:

  • Improved impact resistance
  • Higher load capacity
  • Reduced risk of downtime due to lost rollers

      Choice of roller durometers for:

  • Protection of surfaces
  • Greater traction for driven applications
  • Different climatic environments

       Heavier duty transfer tables:

  • 125mm Rotacaster to for heavier duty load transfer needs
  • Ideal for pallet transfer tables
  • Robust fully-moulded all polymer construction
  • Reliable continuous performance
  • Minimimal maintenance

       Exceptional flexibility:

  • Simple, fast mounting alternatives
  • Quick deployment with 80/20 system
  • Broad range of hubs both metric and imperial
  • Lighter and stronger than similar wheels
  • Quieter and smoother ride

Fully moulded polymer wheel (no steel pins/inserts) for:

  • Corrosive environments
  • X-ray applications
  • Magnetic environments
  • Low maintenance applications

       Cylindrical stock or pipe handling:

  • Non-marking rollers assure blemish free surfaces
  • Available to support small to very large diameters
  • Set-up can be both mobile or installed
  • Low maintenance, robust, all-polymer construction





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