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"It's My New Favourite Thing!" Omni-Sense Is A Big Hit With USA Trialist

Posted on 10 May 2021



Omnia's Omni-Sense has been undergoing trials with a number of vision impairment organisations in the USA after news of the white cane tip spread following its launch in October 2020.

Sarah has retinopathy prematurity and glaucoma and has been trialling the Omni-Sense since late January 2021.

"It's my new favourite thing", Sarah states enthusiastically citing the new white cane tip as giving her a lot more freedom and preventing her white cane from getting stuck in small dips in the ground which often results in the other end of the cane digging into her hip - an often frustrating and painful experience.

"I don't trip, I don't get hit in the hip and I can just keep walking without having to readjust", explains Sarah.

Sarah uses a constant contact technique when using a white cane and says there was a little bit of a learning curve when switching to the Omni-Sense, and took a couple of tries to get used to it, but says when you do 'it is just wonderful'.

"It is just wonderful. There's so much more feedback, there's so much more, in at least my opinion, freedom you can get from this particular cane tip."

Sarah also states that the sounds the cane tip makes when moving across different surfaces is awesome and provides excellent auditory feedback. She also loves the fact that by using the 'stopper', it doesn't fall over when resting it up against a wall when not in use - this is one of her favourite features.

Sarah see's opportunities for the Omni-Sense for people who use support canes, wheelchairs and walkers too, as there is less work to do in terms of the cane getting stuck in holes or dips in the ground.

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