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The New OMNIA 180mm Wheel - Bigger, Tougher, Smoother

Posted on 20 May 2021


Development of our new 180mm omni-wheel has been progressing well and testing on our pre-production R2 model has been producing some extremely exciting results.

The 180 is our largest omni-wheel to date and offers:

  • the highest load capacity
  • best ride quality
  • easiest maneuverability (low push/pull forces).

Dynamic load capacity has increased 25-54% (depending on the roller hardness) handling loads up to 200kg!

At the same time, the sideways rollability (lateral movement ability) has seen improvements of 24-30% making this wheel a real caster alternative.

The wheel comes with a standard 20mm bearing and the ability to adjust to just about any axle via reducer bushes or top hats. We also cater for driven applications using a hexagonal inner bore which allows for maximum torque transfer (2x stronger than keyed shaft, 4x stronger than D-shaft).

Designed with heavy duty and heavier loads in mind we are already receiving attention from a wide range of OEMS looking to use the 180mm omni-wheel for wheelchairs, industrial carts, and holonomic drive robotics.

The OMNIA 180mm wheel will be available in R2 and R3 configurations.

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