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Cerebra UK Pushing Children's Lives Forward With Rotacaster





Cerebra is a charity based in the UK dedicated to helping and supporting children with brain conditions and their families.

Many of the children they work may need to carry around an oxygen tank, ventilator or food pump. Cerebra make a special cart called the Oxy-gem, which allows these children to be more independent. Oxy-gems, have made a big difference to the lives of children all across the UK.

For children who constantly need to have their oxygen cylinder, ventilator or food pump to hand, just going out for a simple walk with mum and dad can be a real struggle. That's why the Oxy-gem was created with the purpose of ensuring these children don't have to face barriers when wanting to spend precious time outdoors or have fun running round the house!



Cerebra's Innovation Centre recently decided to give the Oxy-gems a bit of a face-lift and throw some more fun into the mix by adding some wonderful graphics of children's' favourite superheroes and Disney characters.

But that's not all Rotacaster, have provided the wheels for the Oxy-gems  Our omni-wheels give the Oxy-gems a fluid movement no matter what weight goes into them and have allowed Cerebra's product design team to create a cart with functionality they would not have been able to achieve with regular caster wheels.



Product Design Manager, Dr Ross Head commented,

"Our little Oxy-gem is a simple block truck- like many toddlers will use when learning to walk, but the addition of the Rotacaster wheels allows them to steer and walk where they want.
Regular casters belong on TV cabinets and office chairs, not children's equipment/toys. Rotacasters enabled us to be able to design with real wheels, but give us the ability to build in steering. Simple, beautiful and effective!"

We're absolutely delighted that Rotacaster's omni-wheels have been able to be used in this application and make such a difference to the lives of these children.

I think you'll agree, the upgraded Oxy-gems certainly look the part and the excitement was just too much for Ruben (pictured) who couldn't wait to take his for a spin!

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