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Rotatruck Steel Stair Climber (including Ratchet Strap)

Lifting loads up stairways with a hand truck is never easy and usually requires the operator to pull the load up. The Rotatruck Steel Stair Climber is designed to eliminate lifting and supporting movements and associated injuries when pulling a load up stairways. In fact, independent studies have shown Rotatruck Stair Climbers require around 30% less effort than a standard hand truck when ascending stairs.
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$ 1,252.68 AUD(Ex GST $ 1,138.80 AUD)
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The unique, award winning design of the self-supporting Rotatruck Stair Climber fully supports loads and minimises the need to balance or pull back the weight.

Suitable for

• Moving heavy loads, such as fridges or furniture up and down stairs.

• Ideal for freight and logistics, removals, home, office and warehousing.

• With load safety ratchet strap and load protection buffer tubes as standard, this stair climber hand truck offers      unrivalled manoeuvrability, surface protection and load safety.



• Using a Stair Climber leads to improved workplace safety, reduced fatigue and risk of strain injuries while increasing the ease of handling
  and transporting speed

• Self-supporting, ergonomic design improves user productivity and safety

• Corrosion-resistant materials are suitable for wide-ranging environments

• Fluid 360° manoeuvrability in confined spaces

• Non-marking polyurethane rollers eliminate floor surface scrubbing and pivot-point carpet tears

• Moulded wheel guards protect walls, floors and doors from damage

• Jockey wheels enable the Rotatruck to move easily in the vertical position even when loaded. Watch the
  vertical load replacement video here

• Intuitive ease-of-use

When compared to a standard 2-wheeler hand truck, Rotatruck requires:

• 100% less effort balancing the load compared to 2-wheeler handtrucks (self supporting design)

• Proven to reduce physical effort stepping loads up curbs by 78%

• 67% less effort navigating door ways

• 62% less effort manoeuvring around obstacles

• 59% less pull-back effort

• 43% less effort in confined spaces

• 30% less effort required ascending stairs


• World leading, patented wheel base

• Award-winning ergonomic design with self-supporting wheel base

• Wheels: 6x125mm R3 omni wheels for easy 360° manoeuvrability forwards, backwards, sideways and up and down stairs

• Frame: Strong, durable steel straight frame with blue powder coating

• Inclusions: Restraining Ratchet Strap

• Toe: 460mm W x 280mm D

Load Capacity

23.2 Kg 

Width: 660mm
Height: 1580mm
Depth:  570mm 

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