Rotacaster - Multi Directional Wheels

The RotacasterTM wheels provide full 360° mobility without the need to change direction or orientation. Its use can open the door for products that provide new levels of safety, ease of use and productivity. Power driven or free spinning; Rotacasters are ideal for conveyor transfer, robotic and floor wheel applications. Rotacaster is the only multi-directional wheel technology developed primarily as an industrial and commercial floor wheel.

The fixed orientation of its main wheel allows forward and reverse movement without fighting a swivel caster offset. The peripheral rollers facilitate turning, rotational, lateral and diagonal movement. When navigating turns, this also eliminates all skipping associated with fixed wheels. Rotacaster's patented design uses rollers integrated into the wheel structure rather than a swivel mount to give it its unrivalled manoeuvrability.

Manufactured entirely from engineering resins/polymers, Rotacasters are light, durable, impact and corrosive resistant. The injection moulded web-like structure of the 125mm wheel body and over-moulded rollers create a robust, high impact, corrosion resistant wheel, with no pins, inserts or seams. Rotacaster's unique, durable construction with its high load bearing capacity, stable mounting capabilities and smooth ride quality makes it ideal for tough environments and industrial applications.

Highly functional, robust and reliable -
Rotacaster Wheels are an alternative to traditional swivel caster or mecanum wheels.



The Rotacaster benefits

  • 360° manoeuvrability without turning or swiveling wheels
  • Better directional control and tracking
  • Precise positioning - without swivel offset correction
  • No resistance due to misaligned swivel castors
  • Minimal wheel space/housing requirements
  • Simple mounting - choose from forks, cups, channels and rails or stack together on an axle to form a roller wheel
  • A whole new dimension of possibilities to the design and functionality of wheeled products


A real alternative to a swivel castor

  • Load stability - a static centre of load relative to wheel base
  • Load distribution - the ability to use multiple wheels without swivel offset resistance
  • Robust - the combined wheel frame and roller axles provide a web like structure with over-moulded rollers
  • Tough - manufactured from engineering grade polymers
  • Rust free - full polymer construction with no steel pins
  • Non marking polyurethane rollers
  • Able to tilt or lever off the fixed wheel mounting
  • No misalgnment
  • No loss of directional control


Swivel casters regularly suffer from misalignment
which can cause loss of controll.
Fixed mount Rotacasters maintain perfect alignment
and directional control.


Rotacaster Wheel Options

The superior ride quality and robustness have made them the only omni-wheel to offer a commercially viable competitor to the traditional swivel caster.
Rotacaster Wheels are available in threee key sizes - 35mm, 48mm and 125mm.

35mm Rotacaster Multi Directional Wheels

The new 35mm wheel is the smallest wheel in the Rotacaster family. It can be used for both driven and free rolling conveyor transfer systems, inspection tables, ball transfer stations, as a robotic wheels or for other wheeled application.

35mm Rotacaster Wheels have a choice of: soft, over-moulded TPE rollers (40A), ideal for robotic application; non-marking multi purpose applicable PU rollers (85A); or solid nylon rollers (99A) best for inverted conveyer use. Together with a the choice out of two different body types (ABS or Acetal), the 35mm Rotacaster multi-directional wheel guarantees optimum roll ability and lifecycles to fit nearly any purpose.

The 35mm Rotacaster multi-directional wheels are available with 4.8mm, 6mm or 8mm diameter bushings, manufactured in the same body material as the wheel. The 35mm Rotacaster with soft TPE rollers provides maximum traction for acceleration and speed, ideal as a robotic competition wheel. Available with a cross or 1/8" square axle bushing it is applicable for either the LegoTM Mindstorms NXT or Technics Vex.
(Wheels without bushings or plain bores are available on request)


Download the 35mm Rotacaster product sheet here

48mm Rotacaster Multi Directional Wheels 


Used for both manual and powered conveyor transfer systems, for feed tables, flow rails, pipe rollers, workstation turntables, as furniture casters and also as robotic wheels the versatility of the 48mm Rotacaster is impressive.
Based on its full resin construction the wheel provides a minimal risk of lost rollers, and associated maintenance costs, in environments seen as sensitive for disturbances and interruptions, and is a great alternative to traditional swivel casters or ball transfer units.

48mm Rotacaster are available with medium (65A) or firm (90A) durometer (hardness) or as a harder (solid) TCP roller to fit several purposes. The non-marking polyurethane rollers on medium (orange) and firm (red) Rotacasters are over-moulded onto acetal bushings for optimum roll-ability and lifecycle. The solid Rotacaster rollers (grey) run directly on the roller axle without utilising an axle. A broad range of plain, keyed and hexagonal bores along with acetal insert bushings are available to fit new and existing applications.



Download the full 48mm Rotacaster catalogue here.



125mm Rotacaster Multi Directional Wheels

Applications suitable for the 125mm Rotacaster are nearly unlimited. Its multi directional approach is utilised on the self-supporting Rotatrucks and stair climbing hand trucks to achieve impressive manoeuvrability and movability. In addition 125mm Rotacasters are used for manual and powered conveyor transfer systems, flow rails, pipe rollers and workstation turntables.

Designed with an injection moulded web-like structure made from engineering polymer with over-moulded rollers, the 125mm wheel is the most robust one in the Rotacaster family.

125mm Rotacaster Wheels are available in a variety of configurations, including doubles (R2), triples (R3) and quads (R4) for varying load and weight requirements. Single 125mm Rotacaster (R1) wheels are suitable for conveyor transfer use only and available on request.

Every 125mm Rotacaster Wheel has 8 over-moulded polyurethane (PU) rollers, available in two different hardnesses to suit different surfaces, surroundings and environments. While the softer 85A rollers are recommended for indoor usage like in warehouses or in noise sensitive/quite environments (e.g. health sector), the 95A rollers are extremely robust and durable and applicable to all surfaces and environments especially outside.

A range of keyed, nominal bores and different bearing/bushing options (sealed, shielded, nylon) are suitable for nearly every purpose.


Download the full 125mm Rotacaster catalogue here.



Wheel Mounting Options

With the fixed main wheel orientation Rotacasters require up to 75% less housing space than traditional swivel caster wheels, while still providing 360° manoeuvrability due to the peripheral rollers.

Almost every Rotacaster wheel is available with a wide range of mounting and cup options for the use as a floor wheel, and in inverted applications.

For more information about 48mm Rotacaster Mounting options - click here

For more information about 125mm Rotacaster Mounting options - click here


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