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Built-to-Order Rotacaster Stair Climbers Allow Customization

FastPRNews(Press Release) - Monday, July 2nd, 2012 -
Stair Climber Assemblies according to Rotacaster Managing Director Peter McKinnon, said ,“We made sure our stair climbers are easy on your back and kind on surfaces.” Manufactured from engineering polymers, the Rotacaster’s injection-molded, weblike structure and over-molded rollers, ensure a durable and robust wheel with no pins, inserts or seams, making it ideal for tough environments. The fixed orientation of the wheel facilitates both simple and stable mounting alternatives that improve load stability and are less prone to impact damage.

Form follows function and Rotacaster has made sure that customers can build their own built-to-order handtruck with a choice of handles, frames, toes, and accessories. Easy to use, corrosion resistant aluminum frame includes a choice of 5 handles, a choice of extruded or cast aluminum toes, choice of 4 ladder frames, creates specific variety to suit every stair climbing situation.

The most important message communicated by safety managers is the concern and need for workplace ergonomic improvements whenever and wherever possible. Especially when workers compensation, lost work days and insurance premiums can be reduced while improving productivity.
Rotacaster Stair Climbers reduce effort by optimizing efforts in the direction of travel. McKinnon noted that customers can avoid Wall Damage with the tough non-marking polymer cover with recessed bolt heads. Protect Stair Nosings is also achieved because a wide area prevents damage in unlikely event of contact. Distributing Floor Load is possible by using double, triple or multiple Rotacaster wheel assemblies. Non-Marking Polyurethane rollers eliminate floor surface scrubbing and pivot-point carpet tears. 360 degree maneuverability is achieved with Rotacaster’s direct lateral and rotational movement.

Jockey wheels allow operator to position load whilst in a vertical position. Rotacaster Stair Climber Accessories ensure that no other Stair Climber on the market that provides lateral, rotational and multi-directional maneuverability.

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