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Rotacaster 48mm Assembly Table Drives Dramatic Savings


Tighes Hill, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2012 -- Recently a customer needed a 48mm Assembly Table. The decision to go with the Rotacaster saved the company more than $20,000. Manufactured from engineering polymers, the Rotacaster’s injection-molded, weblike structure and over-molded rollers, ensure a durable and robust wheel with no pins, inserts or seams, making it ideal for tough environments. The fixed orientation of the wheel facilitates both simple and stable mounting alternatives that improve load stability and are less prone to impact damage.

Peter McKinnon, General Manager of Rotacaster, shared a video of the Rotacaster Conveyor Transfer Table with 48mm Rotacaster Omni wheels.

A compact size allows more wheels per m² and minimal spacing between adjacent rollers for:
- Greater load distribution
- Reduced soft surface indentation
- Ability to handle a greater range of surface profiles

A tough, robust, injection molded wheel frame combines the wheel body and roller axles in one part for:
- Improved impact resistance
- Higher load capacity
- Reduced risk of downtime due to lost rollers

A rust-free, full polymer wheel (no steel pins or inserts) makes it ideal for:
- Corrosive environments
- X-ray or scanning applications

Other benefits include:
- Simple, fast mounting alternatives
- Lighter and stronger than similar wheels
- Quieter & smoother ride

Choice of roller options for:
- Protection of surfaces
- Greater traction for driven applications
- Different climatic environments

Rotacaster, while fixed in a primary orientation, facilitates movement in any direction without the need of a traditional swivel mount. Omni-wheels have been used in conveyor applications for years.

The benefits of Rotacaster are also significant including 360 degree movement and rotation, greater load stability, and easier directional control and tracking. Rotacaster allows for greater control on inclines via primary axis tracking as well as precision placement - no offset movement. Users of Rotacaster enjoy minimal space or housing requirements and non-marking polyurethane rollers. Unlike many standard caster wheel products, Rotacaster provides a compact, robust, corrosion-resistant full polymer solution with extraordinary functionality.

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