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Rotacaster conveyor applications

While the ROTACASTER is the leading multi-directional floor wheel, it excels in inverted applications such as conveyors, cradles, guides and similar applications.The multi-directional materials handling ability of the wheel allows the creation of very simple and cost effective yet highly capable conveyor type systems.




ROTACASTERs make life easier. For instance pipe or cylindrical materials handling cradles enable the simultaneous rotation as well as longitudinal movement. Heavy loads are best supported with the 125mm ROTACASTER, while the 48mm wheel is suited to smaller weights.

In this video you can see a substantial 600+Kg section of pipe being easily manoeuvred by one person.


ROTACASTERs save money. In a recent installation of a conveyor table a client saved over 40% on the investment by using the 48mm Rotacasters in a transfer table instead of purchasing an air table. Not only was the acquisition cost significantly lower, but in terms of operating costs and maintenance needs the Rotacaster will be a much better proposition long into the future.

Watch this very simple demo.

ROTACASTERs are ideal for NGO's, military, medical and other relief support logistics. A major upside is the ability of

ROTACASTERS to deliver a high level of functionality without the need of power, which makes it an ideal solution in remote areas or during fast deployment where traditional infrastructure has not yet been implemented.

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