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Rotacaster Floor Wheels

Rotacaster Quad in formed mountThe multi-directional omni-style ROTACASTER wheel is the best in class thanks to its robust fully moulded engineered polymer construction.

The 125mm ROTACASTER wheel is able to move large loads in a linear or perpendicular direction and for that matter, along any alternate horizontal vector. Wheels can be arranged to support the weight and shape of the load. A selection of standard mounts is available and suitable to most needs.

While load bearing capacity allows movements of significant load weight (upwards of 2 tonnes), rolling resistance limits the comfortable manual handling by a single person to loads of around 500kg per square meter.

Just to show you what can be done, here's a video demonstrating one man moving one tonne of cargo on a pallet supported by ROTACASTERs.

Thanks to its all polymer design, the ROTACASTER is highly corrosion resistant and operates at 100% capacity in temperatures of up to 95C on durometer (hardness) ratings of over 90.

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