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Rotacaster Solutions - Pallet Transfer Table

Rotacaster Solutions - Pallet Transfer Table

The Challenge: A South African company needed a solution for a transfer table to redirect pallets at the end of a conveyor line. They needed a robust, reliable and cost effective solution with minimal maintenance needs.

Type:   Transfer Table, pallets
Load:    800Kg (1760lbs)
User:   Not disclosed
Country:  South Africa
Reseller:  EZI Systems

The Rotacaster Solution: Instead of the more traditional infrastructure and maintenance heavy air- or ball bearing tables, the company opted for Rotacasters uniquely configured around the periphery, as seen in these images.

Thanks to the multi-directional capabilities of the Rotacasters the solution is simplicity itself.

The complete solution requires only 64 paired R2-125mm Rotacasters and supports weights of up to 800Kg per pallet.

It can be operated by a single person.

The received pallet can comfortably be moved to and from the receiving table.

The solution requires no power and minimal maintenance, while delivering reliable productivity.

Another winning Rotacaster solution.

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