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Rotacaster Solutions - Precision Fitting Table

Rotacaster Solutions - Precision Fitting Table

The Challenge:
American Ceramic Technology Inc. (ACT) needed to increase productivity and improve workplace ergonomics in the fitting of grommets to their Silflex™ radiation shielding. The original workstation it was ergonomically challenging, requiring a two handed effort to position the up to 200lbs heavy Silflex™ blankets to precisely install the grommets. 

Capacity:  150kg (330lbs)
UserAmerican Ceramic Technology
Country: USA
Reseller: Magnus Mobility Systems
Fabricator: Prime Resource

The Rotacaster Solution:
After investigating several options for an improved workstation, including an air table, ACT opted for the Rotacaster multi-directional wheel.??

Working with Integrator Prime Resource Inc, ACT developed a workstation using 48mm Rotacasters framed in modular T-slot aluminum extrusion from 80/20 Inc. The wheels were sourced from Rotacaster reseller Magnus Mobility Systems.

Indeed, 80/20 is an ideal material to frame transfer tables using Rotacasters thanks to its adaptability and modularity.

The chosen wheel density provides excellent load support, very easy movement and the ability to precisely positioning of these relatively heavy blankets.

The SilflexTM radiation shielding blankets are now manoeuvered and positioned easily with one hand eliminating the need to lean, twist and pull the item into place.

The new workstation exceeded all expectations for increased productivity and improved ergonomics while saving ACT over 75% in acquisition costs compared to the installation of an air-table.

Thanks to the Rotacasters operating without power and with minimal maintenance, the Rotacaster solution will much, much more over it's lifetime.

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