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Rotacaster Solutions - Tyre Testing Table

Rotacaster Solutions - Tyre Testing Table

The Challenge: A German company needed a solution for a tyre processing table on which to support the tyre while rotating at speed. Low friction or ball bearing tables did not fit the bill and rotating platforms did not easily support multiple sizes and added unwanted complexity.

Solution:  Tyre Testing Table
Capacity:  225Kg (500lbs)
User:  Not disclosed
Country: Germany
Reseller: Not disclosed
Fabricator: Not disclosed

The Rotacaster Solution:

By arranging Rotacasters across two table  sections, the client was able to support and centre the tyre around a central tool post while driven rollers rotated the tyre.

A broad range of tyre sizes can be supported without any changes

The tables are equipped with 288 individual R1-125mm Rotacasters per table side.

The solution requires no power to the Rotacasters and minimal maintenance, while delivering reliable productivity.

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