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Rotacaster Solutions - White Goods Rotatruck

Rotacaster Solutions - White Goods Rotatruck

The Challenge:
A large white goods distributor needed to improve the handling of the large loads such as washers and dryers. Using traditional 2-wheel hand trucks, the user had to negotiate their way without being able to see well as they had to balance the heavy load which put considerable ergonomic stress on the body.

Type:  Self Supporting Rotatruck
Capacity:  230Kg (500lbs)
User:  Not disclosed
Country: Australia
Reseller: Rotacaster

The Rotacaster Solution:
By adopting the self-supporting Rotatruck, the company was able to focus it’s staff on safely guiding the load down the aisles, rather than having to primarily support them. The self supporting feature enables the user to walk offset from the load and see where they are going. This significantly improved the ergonomic handling qualities for the user, including reduced fatigue.

Importantly, the use of Rotacasters allows the easy change of direction without destabilising the tall load, as unlike traditional swivel casters, Rotacasters are in a fixed mount.

The solution requires no power to the wheels and minimal maintenance, while delivering reliable productivity.

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