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The Rotatruck goes off-road

The Rotatruck goes off-road

The Rotatruck self supporting hand trolley goes off-road


The award-winning Rotatruck self supporting hand trolley has had a make-over in recent months. Due to customer feedback regarding the need to use the hand trolley over rough, uneven surfaces, we are now offering the hand truck with two, 200mm puncture proof, foam filled tyres at the back of the wheel base. This means, that while the trolley maintains its ability to fully support the weight of a load as well as 360 degree manouverability when used on the front, Rotcaster multi-directional wheels, it now offers users greater stability when traversing rough surfaces such as dirt, gravel and broken pavements.

The All Terrain Self Supporting Hand Trucks are available in the same standard, wide and tall body as the regular self supporting hand trolley and still offer the following key benefits:

  • fully supports the load, removing the need to balance any weight.
  • negotiates obstructions, single steps and kerbs in a forward direction without the need to reverse eliminating trip hazards.
  • the trolley levers, rather than lifts a load up or over an obstruction or kerb using less force, improving ergonomic posture of the user.
  • reduces the pull back effort required to change from upright to the operating position requiring up to 35% less effort than traditional hand trucks and trolleys.
  • allows loading to be completed in the operating position, removing the need to pull back heavy loads.
  • frees up hands to open doors without parking or balancing the load unlike other trolleys on the market.

The Rotatruck self supporting hand trolley was recognised at the 2009 NSW Work Cover Safe Work Awards as the 'best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue'. The hand trolley was also recognised as a finalist in 2010 National Safe Work Awards in the same category and also as a finalist in the NSCA GIO Workers Compensation Safety Awards of Excellence in 2010. The all terrain self supporting hand trolley is now available through the online store, or from a reseller near you.

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