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Rotacaster Case Studies

Discover how Rotacaster can be a game changer for your product or application.

We are seeking clients and partners who see opportunities to create win-win solutions using our patented Rotacaster omni-wheel to overcome mobility challenges and design constraints.

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Pallet Transfer Table

The Challenge:
A South African company needed a solution for a transfer table to redirect pallets at the end of a conveyor line. They needed a robust, reliable and cost effective solution with minimal maintenance needs.

Capacity: 800Kg (1760lbs)
User: Not disclosed
Country: South Africa

Reseller: EZI Systems
Fabricator: EZI Systems

The Rotacaster Solution:
Instead of the more traditional infrastructure and maintenance heavy air or ball bearing tables, the company opted for Rotacasters configured around the periphery, as seen in these images.

The solution requires only 64 paired 125mm Rotacasters and supports weights of up to 800Kg per pallet.

It can be operated by a single person.

The received pallet can comfortably be moved to and from the side-table.

The solution requires no power and minimal maintenance, while delivering reliable productivity.

Another winning Rotacaster solution.

Life Cycle And Durability

Test Site: Wallis Lake Fisherman’s Co-operative Application: Custom trolley for movement of multiple crates of ice packed fish to and from process area to freezers. Normal Loading: Averaging between 150-200 kg (325-450 lbs) Period in use: 2 ½ years (Oct 05 to March 08) (Nylon swivel castor replacement – every 6 months) Environment: Coastal location in a highly abrasive and corrosive working environment. The exfoliated (exposed aggregate) floor combined with constant exposure to salt water and sand provided extremely harsh wear characteristics compared to those normally encountered in most working environments. Summary: despite the absence of any maintenance, the rotacaster provided a life-cycle five (5) times greater than the alternative nylon swivel castor when used in this environment.

IAG Testing of Shopping Trolley Castors

IAG Research Centre was approached by Rotacaster® Wheels Limited to perform some testing on Rotacaster® shopping trolley wheels. The aim of this testing was to compare the characteristics of Rotacaster® shopping trolley wheels with those of standard shopping trolley wheels. The characteristics that were tested for were directional control, speed control and incline behaviour.

RPE Drop Test

The purpose of the drop test is to evaluate the strength of the wheel structure under verticle loading, since this type of loading is that to which the wheel is most commonly subjected. It is damage caused by this type of loading which is most likely to result in the malfunction of the wheel.

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