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Christian's NEW Employee of the Month


Customer Testimonial:

Christian Bloomfield (Renovate, Restore, Recycle)

"I have been using one of your 4 wheel dollies for over 7 years now and it is simply AWESOME! The trolley is one of the hardest workers in my crew, never complains and has paid for itself about 10 times over. It has taken and moved weight of up to 600 kg with the greatest of ease. It seriously is a little rippa!"

The Rotacaster Range

Rotatruck LITE

For the regular but casual user:
Warehousing, parcel delivery,
hospitality, home & office


Rotatruck PRO

For those who rely on their hand
truck day in, day out: Parcel &
wholesale delivery, liquor stores,
bulk retail, whitegoods & furniture.


Special Purpose

For faster, safer handling
of tricky loads: Dairy, bakery &
produce crates, drums, cylinders,
ceramics & batteries.


Conversion Kits

Why wait to replace?
Easily convert your current hand
truck & enjoy the Rotatruck's
benefits today


Stair Climbers

Designed to improve ease of handling and safety when climbing up stairs with a load.


Carts & Dollies

Ideal for loads of different sizes and weights, they makes the transport of larger heavier loads easier especially in confined spaces.



A great range of parts and accessories are available aiming to increase productivity and safety.



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