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Ergonomic material handling

The Rotatruck, a self-supporting hand truck, improves productivity, reduces costs and the risk of injuries. Rotacasters ergonomic materials handling equipment provides easier, quicker and safer movement of various loads.

  • Improves workplace safety, reduces costs and enhances productivity.
  • Reduced fatigue and risk of strain injuries.
  • Increased ease of handling and transporting speed.
  • Fully supports the load and leaves hands free.
  • Doesn't require blancing or pull back.
  • Levers a load rather than lifts it.
  • gives 360° manoeuvrability
  • Eases handling on inclines or in confined spaces



Easier pull back effort
and no wait at waypoints.
Fully supported load and rotation allows easy manoeuverability in confined spaces.Lever rather than lift
over kerbs and obstructions without reversing.
Reduced effort and full load support gives free hands to deal with doorways and intercoms.


The last 100 yards



Little has changed over time with high costs and worker injuries at both kerbside to customer and palette to shelf. The Rotatruck has revolutionised ergonomic material handling, especially in the last 100 yards.


     Rtatruck Self Supporting Hand Truck - Winner 2009 SafeWork Awards

Award Winning

Rotatrucks were awarded as the 'Most Innovative WHS Idea (SME)' with the Hunter Safety Award in March 16.

Rotacaster won the category 'Best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue' by NSW Work Cover Safe Work Award in 2009.

Rotatrucks specifically address issues of traditional hand truck use that often results in workplace injury.
Rotatruck Self Supporting Hand Truck - Finalist NSWA     Rotatruck Self Supporting Hand Truck - Finalist GIO SWA


Up to $500 CASH BACK

WorkCover offers a business rebate for businesses with 50 or less full time employees, that gives up to $500 back to NSW business owners who buy and install eligible safety equipment to address a safety problem in their workplace.*

*Please see terms & conditions of  for Cashback options and visit WorkCover NSW website for more information or

This offer provides a risk free opportunity to test and experience the unique benefits of the Rotatruck. 

If your Rotatruck hasn't increased your productivity, lowered the risk of injuries and reduced handling cost after 30 days - return it for a full product refund - RISK FREE.



The Rotatruck product range


The All Terrain Rotatruck

The All-Terrain self-supporting Rotatruck combines the movability of omni-directional Rotacaster wheels and the robustness of big rear wheels. The All-Terrain Rotatruck navigates easily through rough surfaces and is applicable for nearly every environment.

Download the aluminium Rotatruck catalogue

4x4 Rotatruck

The 4x4 Rotatruck is the ideal application for confined, narrow spaces and environments and is best suited to firm flat surfaces like factory floors or cellars. Four Rotacaster multi-directional wheels enable the Rotatruck do go directly sideways without turning and swiveling and provide 360 degree mobility nearly on the spot.

Download the aluminium Rotatruck catalogue

The self-supporting stair climbing Rotatruck

The stair climbing Rotatruck combines the advantages of a self-supporting wheelbase to increase productivity and reduce the risk of injuries, but also includes a stair climbing application to ease going up stairways and lower the required user effort. Moulded wheel guards protect floors, walls and surfaces from damage.

Download the aluminium Rotatruck catalogue

The stair climbing Rotacaster hand truck

The Rotacaster stair climbing hand truck is designed to improve safety and load security while climbing staircases. Moulded wheel guards protect floors, walls and surfaces from damage. The rotating star shaped wheel mounts reduce user's pull back effort when climbing up stairs and decreases the risk of strain injuries. The multi-directional Rotacaster wheels allow the hand truck to move directly sideways without turning when using on flat grounds.

Download the aluminium Stairclimber catalogue


Special Purpose Rotatrucks



The Special Purpose Rotatrucks are custom built to successfully move a wide variety of loads including Water Bottles, Gas Cylinders, Kegs, Crates and more. All special purpose Rotatrucks utilise the unique self-supporting wheelbase, which improves the ergonomic safety when handling and moving goods and delivers increased productivity and offers instant return on investment.

Rotatrucks offer suitable and tailored solutions for nearly every purpose and industry. With accessories and add-ons, developed especially for particular uses, Rotatrucks are a unique solution for a broad range of industries.



Rotatruck Dollies and Skates

By using Rotatrucks and Dollies, heavy loads become easier to transport, more stable, simpler to manoeuvre in restricted spaces and require greatly reduced pushing and twisting force to be exerted by the user.

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Rotatruck Accessories

Rotacaster offers a range of high quality productivity oriented accessories for  Rotatrucks and Stairclimbers.

See our range of accessories here.



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