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Solution to “last 100 yards” problem - “pallet to floor”

May 19, 2014, Hannover, CeMAT – Rotacaster Wheel Pty Ltd ( introduces the new GC-Series Rotatruck™. It was designed in collaboration with leading Australian compressed gas supplier in response to handling challenges associated with the increases in the size, pressure and weight of gas cylinders.

“Based on the patented multi-directional 4-wheeled Rotatruck™, the GC-Series engages, lifts and lowers the latest generation or larger and heavier high-pressure gas cylinders to and from stillages safely, easily and quickly” says Rotacaster Managing Director, Peter McKinnon. “The trucks replace what was once a difficult manual process. The system virtually eliminates bending and minimizes overall effort and load interaction, dramatically reducing risk of injury or product damage.”

“The GC-Series Rotatruck™ incorporates an innovative sliding dual frame for loading, lifting and lowering the cylinders, while keeping two wheels safely planted on the ground,” Peter says. “Securing the cylinder with magnets minimizes the need for the operator to secure the load allowing them to use both hands to control the truck.”

Rotacaster is working across a range of industries to design purpose built hand-trucks for more ergonomic, productive and safer methods of handling crates, totes, cylinders and pails. The ease of use of Rotatrucks means a greater range of users are able to manage previously unwieldy tasks.

“The improvements in workplace safety, efficiency and productivity deliver improved outcomes for the operator, OH&S and operations,” says Peter.

The ergonomically advanced GC-Series Rotatruck™ should be on the top of the list of anyone needing an easier, quicker and safer way to manually handle compressed gas cylinders.

Rotacaster is working with a number of companies to develop specialist solutions for their specific product delivery needs such as crates, totes, pails and cylinders.



Rotacaster is an Australian company which designs and manufactures the patented Rotacaster™ multi-directional wheel and ergonomic materials handling equipment.  Traditionally referred to as omni-wheels and used only in conveyor transfer and robotic applications, the Rotacaster’s robustness and ride quality make it the only commercially viable alternative to a swivel caster. The fully molded resin construction provides an impact and corrosion resistant solution, while the simplicity of a fixed wheel mount and space requirement combined with 360 degree directional capability, opens the door for OEMs to design and re-engineer products for improved ergonomics and productivity as demonstrated by the Rotatruckt™

Rotacaster is represented in the US by Magnus Mobility Inc ( and has also recently established a strategic partnership and agreement with Magline Inc (, one of the best known and respected hand truck manufacturers in the US.

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