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Pallet Transfer Table

The Challenge:
To improve the movement of honeycomb paper pallets down to a packaging conveyor. One unusual aspect of the product movement is that some pallet packages require 90º rotation for proper orientation at final packaging. The biggest problem encountered in moving product was that pallets would not track straight when traveling across the ball transfer turntable. Employees moving pallets that weigh up to 1,200 pounds would have a difficult time keeping the product moving in a straight line. Additionally, the force required to move product across the ball transfers was more than desired.

The Rotacaster Solution:
US Distributor Magnus Mobility joined the client in developing the very simple yet effective solution of deploying 630 48mm Rotacasters across 30 axles. The transfer table measures 61” x 66” (155cm x 168cm). 

A lay-out of Rotacaster48mm wheels was de s igned by Magnus Mobility using Rotacaster’s prefabricated aluminum mount channels to provide the lowest rolling resistance for the pallets along the packaging lines. The design provided the proper load support for the pallets’ 6” square pads. The expected improvements were achieved. The honeycomb pallets were easier to move across the Rotacaster transfer table, rotation of
pallets was easily accomplished manually and the directional control was improved greatly. Now loads of card and paper products arrive and are easily rotated and precisely positioned. The solution requires no power to the Rotacasters and minimal maintenance, while delivering reliable productivity.

in action: 

Transfer Table

The Challenge:
A car manufacturer needed to move heavy steel parts bins between parallel in and out conveyor lines in one of their parts distribution centers. The use of a ball transfer table was not proving to be an effective solution. The bins with a narrow steel frame base were difficult to control and the ball transfers failed more frequently than was acceptable. The manufacturer challenged their conveyor supplier to come up with a more effective product for transferring the par ts bins through the workstation from one line to the other.

The Rotacaster Solution:
The conveyor company used Magnus Mobility’s Max Performance Conveyor Rollers to solve this problem. Max Performance Conveyor Rollers use the Rotacaster multi-directional wheel to provide easy and controllable movement in all directions. The Max Performance Rollers were installed in an existing conveyor section, replacing 1.9” steel rollers as a retrofit.

The Results:
The parts bins are now easy to control and move, requiring less force by employees than the ball transfer table. The product selected was a 32” Max Performance Roller with the Rotacaster R2-0484-99 wheel on 2” centers. Rollers were installed on 3” centers. The solution requires no power to the Rotacasters and minimal  maintenance, while delivering reliable productivity.


Pallet Transfer Station

The Challenge:
A South African company needed a solution for a transfer table to redirect pallets at the end of a conveyor line. They needed a robust, reliable and cost effective solution with minimal maintenance needs.

The Rotacaster Solution:
Instead of the more traditional infrastructure and maintenance-heavy air- or ball bearing tables, the company opted for Rotacasters effectively configured around the periphery, as seen in these images. Thanks to the multi-directional capabilities of the Rotacasters the solution is simplicity itself. The complete solution requires only 64 paired R2-125mm Rotacasters and supports weights of up to 800Kg per pallet. It can be operated by a single person. The received pallet can comfortably be moved to and from the receiving table. The solution requires no power and minimal maintenance, while delivering reliable productivity.


Concrete Wall Transfer

The Challenge:
A concrete pre-fab company in Canada needed a solution to transfer concrete walls from one assembly line to the next in their curing facility. The solution needed to be durable, cost effective and require minimal  maintenance.


The Rotacaster Solution:
Instead of the more traditional infrastructure, the company opted for Rotacasters arranged along the line of- and perpendicular to the primary direction of movement. The solution required only 72 paired R2-125mm Rotacasters per transfer table. 12 tables were installed in total. Transferring the substantial wall slabs was handled by a simple chain drive requiring minimal maintenance, while delivering reliable productivity


Steel Dollies for cargo airline

The Challenge:
Incheon Air, a South Korean cargo airline, faced the challenge of transferring a very heavy load into the body of  their Boeing 737-400 freighters. While the aircraft interior floor is equipped with ball-transfers, they are not suitable to carry the heavy point loads of the cargo.

The Rotacaster Solution:

Air Incheon turned to Korean Rotacaster partner BNP in search for a robust multidirectional solution. In collaboration they designed and built a heavy-duty steel dolly equipped with nine Rotacaster quads. The solution enables Air Incheon to place the cargo onto four of these dollies and bring the shipment into the aircraft, negotiate a 90 degree turn and place it into the correct location to balance the load. The solution requires no power to the wheels and minimal maintenance, while delivering reliable and improved productivity.


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