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Rotatruck Kickstand Kit 2.0 (no axle)

Rotatruck Kickstand Kit 2.0
$ 36.11 AUD(Ex GST $ 32.83 AUD)
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Rotatruck kickstand 2.0 - suitable for all aluminium Rotatrucks using a kickstand.


  • Super tough nylon roller to reduce wear
  • Ribs to share impact with the roller when activating the kickstand
  • Discrete positioning of roller bolt and nut for easier assembling and replacement
  • Wider kickstand lever to improve performance on grooved trailer floors
  • New stainless steel dowel pin to extend life cycle of the kickstand
  • Easy to assemble and replace without the need for special tools and equipment

Please note: Axle is not included in kickstand kit and must be purchased separately.

Assembly Instructions


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