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Friction Pad Floor Lock, grey, 909-100

Floor Lock, Friction Pad,grey, 909-100
$ 123.87 AUD(Ex GST $ 112.61 AUD)
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Friction Pad Floor Lock,
grey, 909-100

Tough, durable with friction brake pad to ensure safety.
Friction pad floor locks are preferred where greater loads must be carried, or the greatest stability is needed. 

  • Simple pedal-on, pedal-off operation
  • Does NOT lift the trolley, but pushes a spring loaded rubber pad onto the floor.
  • Five millimeters of compression gives approx 40kg of push on to the 80mm diameter base.
  • This Floor lock is sufficient to lock most trolleys. If insufficient, a second lock can be mounted at the other end of the trolley


Capacity: 770kg
Mounting Height: 132mm
Weight: 0.77kg


NOT for use on on work benches, ladders or on sloped floors!

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