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Rotatruck Rover Dollie Wide 460x593


Lightweight aluminium frame with fixed multi-directional Rotacaster wheels

$ 499.88 AUD(Ex GST $ 454.44 AUD)
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The durable aluminium frame and patented corrosion resistant Rotacaster wheels make the Rotatruck Rover Dollie ideal for use in a vast array of environments from food service areas, freezers, cool rooms, offices, retail to medical as well as warehouse and construction sites and for confined work spaces. When moving sideways (lateral), Rotatruck dollies reduce the effort needed by 45% and reduce the risk of stain injuries.


  • Multi-directional movement and rotation
  • Less tortional force required to turn a load leading to reduced risk of damage and strain injuries
  • Increased load stability due to fixed-load base - Rotacaster wheels create a static relationship between the centre of the load, its orientation and the wheelbase
  • Tracking and directional control - even across trafficable inclines
  • Fully corrosion-resistant - all polymer wheel, welded aluminium frame
  • Aluminium frame 460x593x153mm (W x H x D) 
  • 4 x 125mm Rotacaster Wheels (95A) with sealed bearings - Please select from panel above.

Load Capacity:

  • R2 Rotacaster Wheels: 250kg
  • R3 Rotacaster Wheels: 300kg

Shipping Information: 

Items come assembled only. 

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