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Omni LITE Rotatruck

All the Rotatruck benefits for a LITE price.

The Omni Wheel LITE Rotatruck features 4 x 125mm R2 omni directional wheels making them ideal for small, confined spaces and flat, hard surfaces where the ultimate in 360° manoeuvrability is needed. 

The unique, award winning design of the self-supporting Rotatruck fully supports a load and minimises the need to balance or pull back the weight. The ergonomic design minimises repetitive pull-back, bending and user effort. Rotatrucks go over kerbs and obstacles without reversing and allow continual forward movement during operation what makes them extremely time efficient and productive.

$ 569.75 AUD(Ex GST $ 517.95 AUD)
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Suitable for

• The Omni LITE Rotatruck is designed primarily for indoor use, particularly for small, confined spaces or outdoors where surfaces are flat
   and hard.

• Curved bottom rail hugs cylindrical items for a more stable move.

• This is a light weight hand truck designed to make awkward and heavy lifting possible for the average person, regardless of gender or age.



• Self-supporting, ergonomic design improves user productivity and safety

• Corrosion-resistant materials are suitable for wide-ranging environments

• Fluid 360° manoeuvrability

• Intuitive ease-of-use

• When compared to a 2-wheeler hand truck, Rotatruck requires:

• 100% less effort balancing the load compared to 2-wheeler handtrucks (self supporting design)

• Proven to reduce physical effort stepping loads up curbs by 78%

• 67% less effort navigating door ways

• 62% less effort manoeuvring around obstacles

• 59% less pull-back effort

• 43% less effort in confined spaces

Parts may differ to pictured product.


• World leading, patented wheel base

• 4 x 125mm R2 omni-directional front wheels for easy 360° manoeuvrability

• Award-winning ergonomic design

• Strong, durable anodised lightweight straight aluminium frame

• Self-supporting wheelbase

• Curved bottom rail suitable for cylindrical loads

• Self-retracting kickstand for easy stop-and-start

• Straight upper frame rails to support large, square loads

• 356mm x 190.5mm (14" x 7.5") cast aluminium nose, compatible with Mini Pallet system makes for easy moving or  pot plants, sacks, boxes,
  crates and stackable goods.


Configuration options

• Restraining straps can be added for extra load security (900mm and 1600mm).

• To reduce bending down to lift loads, a folding nose can be added to the truck at thigh height.


Load Capacity

15 Kg 

Width: 457mm
Height: 1280mm
Depth:  540mm 

Shipping Weights & Dimensions
We offer three (2) levels of assembly in order to minimise your shipping cost.

(PA) Partial Assembly - 72Kg - 104 x 47 x 60cm (handle off - requires fitting with 4 bolts by customer)
(FA) Full Assembly - 92Kg - 130 x 47 x 60cm

Shipping weights are based on greater actual or shipper volumetric weight. The relative shipping costs can be checked within the shopping cart prior to checkout. 

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