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Rotatruck 4 x Rotacaster Wheel Base

Rotatruck 4 x Rotacaster Wheel Base

Vertical loop handle, straight back frame with a cast toe.

Hand trucks are shipped unassembled. An 'assemble' option is available for all handtrucks.


$ 667.49 AUD(Ex GST $ 606.81 AUD)
Add-ons:Wide Frame Kit - $80.26
Ratchet Strap Kit add-on - $97.17
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Rotatruck 4 x Rotacaster Wheel Base

The Rotatruck Self Supporting Hand Truck is a revolutionary hand trolley that supports the weight of the load so that you don't have to. It reduces the risk of workplace injuries caused by manual handling tasks and directly improves productivity. In October 2009, the Rotatruck Self Supporting Hand Truck won an NSW Work Cover Safe Work Award for 'the best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue'.

The 4 x Rotacaster Rotatrucks are ideal for flat floor and confined space environments like warehouses and cool rooms.

Load Capacity: 230kg


  • 4x double (R2) or triple (R3) Rotacaster Whee
  • Straight alumninium frame
  • Vertica loop handle
  • Cast nose (457.5 x 190.5mm)


  • Unit Weight: 14kgs
  • Height: 1590mm
  • NoseToe Dimensions: 457.5mm x 190.5mm
  • Weight (R2/R3 Rotacaster Wheels): 14kg /14.5kg
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