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Dual Gas Cylinder Hand Truck


G2 Pro

Multi Gas Cylinder Rotatruck - Pro Range

Multipurpose or multi-gas bottle self-supporting hand truck.


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Dual Gas Cylinder Hand Trolley

If your team needs to move more than one gas cylinder at a time, or if you require a multi-purpose truck that includes gas handling safety features, then our G2 Pro could be for you.

This truck includes a very strong, 12" cast nose, perfect for carrying the weight of two or three gas bottles at a time. The nose is also compatible with mini-pallets, which allow the bending and lifting of heavy items to be done away with.

As well as a safety strap, the G2 Pro includes a wave bar bottle support that folds forwards to prevent two bottles clashing together, whilst also supporting them from both sides.

All of our G2 models include a kickstand, so the trolley will sit still and vertical while the operator goes about loading and unloading cargo.


Load Capacity:  225kg

  • Wheelbase
    • Self-supporting
    • 10" balloon rear wheel
    • Triple front omni-wheels
  • Nose/Toe
    • 12" cast nose
  • Handle
    • D-loop handle
  • Frame
    • 39" frame with curved supports
    • Adjustable frame angle
  • Load safety
    • Kickstand
    • Load safety strap
    • Wave Bar bottle support
  • Dimensions
    • 133 x 53 x 72cm
  • Weight
    • 14.5kg


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